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Victoria's Mental Health Services

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Non-clinical specialist mental health services

Psychiatric disability rehabilitation and support services (PDRSS)

The non-government psychiatric disability rehabilitation and support services sector is a core component of specialist mental health services complementing clinical mental health services. PDRSS are managed by non-government organisations and focus on addressing the impact of mental illness on a person’s daily activities and the social disadvantage resulting from illness. They work within a recovery and empowerment model to maximise people’s opportunities to live successfully in the community.

Target group

Psychiatric disability support services are aimed at people with serious mental illness and associated significant psychiatric disability. Services cater primarily for people aged between 16 and 64 years. The precise eligibility criteria will depend on the type of service or program being offered. Consumers receiving case management services from the public mental health service who are referred by the service are automatically eligible for support from the PDRSS.

Service components

PDRSS disability support services (outreach/day program/social support)

Rehabilitation day programs assist people with severe psychiatric disabilities to improve their quality of life, participate in everyday living activities, and function as independently as possible in the community. This may involve the development of social and living skills in a group context, through centre-based and community access programs. Home based outreach services provide support to consumers living in their own homes, or other community residential settings. Training in social and living skills is provided in the resident’s home, with a focus on the activities and interactions of everyday life.

PDRSS residential disablity support services

Residential rehabilitation services provide intensive psychosocial rehabilitation and support in group accommodation preparatory to residents living independently in their own setting. Emphasis is on developing or regaining skills to enable each resident to deal with daily living activities, developing confidence to commence or continue schooling, training or employment, as well as supporting positive contact with their family and friends.

Planned respite

These services provide a short-term change in environment for a consumer and a break for carers, and include both formal and informal psychosocial rehabilitation components. Planned respite services may involve social and recreational day activities, including in-home support, holiday and adventure activities, and residential components.

Mutual support and self help

These services provide information and peer support to people with a mental illness and/or their carers. This can involve the sharing of experiences and coping strategies, the provision of information and referral services, and the promotion of community awareness.

Additional Information

Standards for psychiatric disability rehabilitation and support services - June 2004 (PDF file 938KB)

Psychiatric Disability Rehabilitation and Support Services (PDRSS) - Guidelines for Service Delivery - Feb. 2003 (PDF file 116KB)

PDSS Quarterly Data Collection (External site)

Aged Persons Psychosocial Rehabilitation in Mental Health - February 2005 (PDF file 76KB)

The PDRSS Young Persons Residential Rehabilitation Program - Revised Guidelines and Information - February 2005(PDF file 76KB)

Mental Health Homelessness Program - Intensive Home Based Outreach Psychiatric Disability Rehabilitation & Support Guidelines - October 2003 (PDF file 96KB)

Use of Language Services in Psychiatric Disability Rehabilitation and Support Services - October 2006 (Program Management Circular)

Disability Services - Metropolitan Service Areas Maps
Central East Central East detailed map
Dandenong Dandenong detailed map
Inner South East Inner South East detailed map
Inner Urban East Inner Urban East detailed map
Inner West Inner West detailed map
Mid West Mid West detailed map
Middle South Middle South detailed map
North East North East detailed map
North West North West detailed map
Northern Northern detailed map
Outer East Outer East detailed map
Peninsula Peninsula detailed map
South West South West detailed map
Disability Services - Rural Service Areas Maps
Barwon Barwon detailed map
Gippsland Gippsland detailed map
Glenelg (South Western) Glenelg detailed map
Goulburn & Southern Goulburn detailed map
Grampians Grampians detailed map
Loddon Campaspe / Southern Mallee Loddon detailed map
North Eastern Hume North East Hume detailed map
Northern Mallee Northern Mallee detailed map
Statewide and Specialist Services
Forensic Mental Health Services
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