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Victoria's Mental Health Services

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Statewide and Specialist Services

Click here for "An introduction to Victoria's specialist clinical mental health services" - January 2006 (PDF file 507KB)

In addition to the local area services, a number of specialist services are delivered on a statewide basis. These services offer an additional level of expertise or service response for people with particular clinical conditions or high level needs. It is important for the area services to be aware of what the specialist services offer, as some consumers will benefit from their input.Statewide services include:

Alfred Psychiatry Intensive Care Statewide Services (APICSS)

Statewide psychiatric intensive care services are available at Alfred Psychiatry. The service provides bed based assessment and treatment for clients who are inpatients of Victoria AMHS and present with significant behavioural and treatment difficulties.


Nurse Manager
Ground Floor Psychiatry
55 Commercial Road
Melbourne 3004
Phone: 9076 3912 / 9076 2867

Bed Manager
Alfred Psychiatry
55 Commercial Road
Melbourne 3004
Phone: 9076 6950

The Bouverie Centre - Victoria's Family Institute (La Trobe University)

The Bouverie Centre is a state-wide integrated clinical, academic and consultation agency specialising in family approaches in mental health service provision. The Bouverie Centre provides a range of programs to individuals and family members, service providers and agencies.

Alcohol and Depression
OnTrack is a website offering online psychology services including; free online treatment programs, information and facts about mental and physical health, information and advice on where to get help, access to quizzes with immediate feedback

Brain Disorders Service

The brain disorders program provides services to adults with acquired brain injury or neurodegenerative conditions with associated psychiatric disorder. The program has a range of inpatient, residential and community oriented programs, including outreach services and secondary consultation.

Community Brain Disorders Assesssment and Treatment Service (CBDATS)
Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre
1 Yarra Boulevard
Kew 3101
Phone (03) 9490 7366
Fax: (03) 9490 7358

Brain Disorders Unit
Mary Guthrie House

Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre
1 Yarra Boulevard
Kew 3101
Phone: (03) 9490 7322
Fax: (03) 9490 7321

ABI Behaviour Consultancy
Brain Disorfers Program Community Services

Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre
1 Yarra Boulevard
Kew 3101
Phone: (03) 9490 7366
Fax: (03) 9490 7358

Child inpatient unit
Statewide Child Inpatient Service (12 beds for children up to 12 yrs.old)
Marion Drummond Building
Austin Hospital
Studley Road
Heidelberg 3084
Phone: (03) 9496 5108
Fax: (03) 9496 5910
AH: (03) 9496 5053
or (03) 9496 5051

Dual Disability Services

The Victorian Dual Disability Service, jointly auspiced by St Vincent’s Mental Health and North Western Mental Health, provides consultation and education and training to specialist clinical mental health services in relation to people with both intellectual disability and mental illness.

Victorian Dual Disability Service
PO Box 2900
Fitzroy 3065
10 - 12 Gertrude Street
Fitzroy 3065
Phone: (03) 9288 2950
Fax: (03) 9288 2953

Early Psychosis Prevention and Intervention Centre, Statewide (EPPIC Statewide)

The statewide component of EPPIC supports other specialist mental health services across the state to achieve best practice in first onset psychosis through consultation, education and training and the provision of key resources. (EPPIC Statewide is part of Orygen Youth Health, an early psychosis program operating in the western and north western suburbs of Melbourne)

EPPIC - ORYGEN Youth Health
Locked Bag 10
35 Poplar Rd
Parkville 3052
Phone: (03) 9342 2800
Fax: (03) 9342 2941
9:00am - 5:00pm
AH: 1800 888 320

Eating Disorder Services

Specialist inpatient and community based services for people with eating disorders are available at Austin Health, Southern Health, and Melbourne Health.

Austin Health - Mood and Eating Disorders Unit
Austin Hospital
Studley Road
Heidelberg 3084
Phone: (03) 9496 6407
Fax: (03) 9496 4366
AH: (03) 9496 5000

Monash Medical Centre
246 Clayton Road
Clayton 3168
Phone: (03) 9594 1414
Fax: (03) 9594 6615
AH: (03) 9594 1414

North Western Mental Health Eating Disorders Program
The Royal Melbourne Hospital
Level 2, John Cade Building
Grattan Street
Parkville 3050
Phone:(03)9342 7000
Fax: (03)9342 7802

Southern Health Butterfly Eating Disorder Day Program
c/- Monash Medical Centre
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service
Locked Bag 29
Clayton South 3169
Phone: 1300 369 012 (Contact via P.T.S.)

Forensicare - Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health

Forensicare provides a range of services to mentally disordered offenders. These include secure hospital inpatient services at Thomas Embling Hospital and community based services. Forensicare also provides specialist assessment and treatment for mentally ill prisoners, and an on site assessment and advice court liaison service to some Magistrates’ Courts to assist in the identification and management of people in these settings.

Community Forensic Mental Health Service
505 Hoddle Street
Clifton Hill 3068
Phone: (03)9947 2500 (Admin. & Initial Contact/Referral)
Fax: (03) 9947 2599

Gambling Minds

State-wide service specialising in assessment and treatment planning for people with mental health issues and gambling harm.

This service is available to Gambler’s Help counsellors, area mental health services, general practitioners and private practitioners state-wide.

Gambling Minds – St Kilda Road Clinic
Level 3, 607 St Kilda Rd
Melbourne 3004
Phone: (03) 9076 9888

Koori services

A number of services to support Kooris are provided throughout Victoria. These include Koori Mental Health Liaison Workers in rural Victoria to assist rural clinical mental health services provide culturally appropriate services, assist with policy development and liaison and provide practical support to Aboriginal people attending these services.

In addition, the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service (VAHS) provides a number of mental health and counselling services for the Indigenous community in Victoria

Family Counselling Service
279 High Street
Northcote 3070
Phone: (03) 9403 3300
Fax: (03) 9403 3333

Koori State-wide Inpatient Service
St.Vincent's Mental Health Service

46 Nicholson Street
Fitzroy 3065
Business hours: VAHS 9403 3300
After Hours: Psychiatric Triage,St.Vincent's Hospital 9288 2211

Mother-baby Services

Specialist mother and baby services provide for the admission of mothers with a mental illness with their baby, in addition to associated community and multidisciplinary services. Services are available at Austin Health, Southern Health, and Mercy Health.

Austin Health - Mother & Baby Unit
Austin Hospital
Studley Road
Heidelberg 3084
Phone: (03) 9496 6407
Fax: (03) 9496 4366
AH: (03) 9496 5000

Monash Medical Centre
246 Clayton Road
Clayton 3168
Phone: (03) 9594 1414
Fax: (03) 9594 6615
AH: (03) 9594 1414

Werribee Mercy Hospital - Mother / Baby Unit
298 Princes Highway
Werribee 3030
Phone: (03) 9216 8465
Fax: (03) 9216 8470

Neuropsychiatric service

This is a statewide specialist service located at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. It is a specialist eight-bed inpatient service that offers assessment, short-term admission and treatment in relation to neuropsychiatric disorders.

Neuropsychiatry Unit - Royal Melbourne Hospital
Level 2, John Cade Building
Royal Melbourne Hospital
Parkville 3050
Phone: (03) 9342 8750
Fax: (03) 9342 8483

Personality disorder service (Spectrum)

Spectrum provides consultation, training, treatment and research in relation to people with severe and borderline personality disorder who are at risk of serious self-harm or suicide. Spectrum works closely with area mental health services and clinicians to support their work and develop their skills in providing a more effective response.

4 Bona Street
Ringwood East 3135
PO Box 135
Ringwood East 3135
Phone: (03) 9871 3900
Fax: (03) 9871 3911

Psychotropic Drug Advisory Service

For Victorian clinicians, consumers, carers and support organisations, providing advice and guidance on:

  • Treatment options and response
  • Potential adverse effects of psychotropic medicines, as well as other psychoactive substances
  • Medication interactions, including psychotropic medicines and other drugs, complementary and herbal/natural medicines
  • Medication monitoring, including plasma drug levels and metabolic monitoring with psychotropic agents
  • Information on the use of medications by special populations e.g. children, adolescents, the elderly, and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding

Phone: (03) 9076 8036
Website: Psychotropic Drug Advisory Service - PDAS
Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm
After hours and Public Holidays - please a message and provide your contact details or send an email. A team member will respond to your query as soon as possible.


Reconnexion provides information, education and counselling for panic, anxiety and depression. It also provides a specialist counselling service for clients who need or want to withdraw from benzodiazepine or analgesis use.

222 Burke Road
Glen Iris 3146
Phone: (03) 9886 9400
Fax: (03) 9886 0650

Victorian Transcultural Mental Health

The unit’s function is to contribute to improvement in the quality and accessibility of mental health services available to non-English speaking background communities and to develop innovative models of mental health service delivery.
Phone: (03) 9288 3300

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