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October 2021

Stefan Herodotou standing infront of ambulances jpeg
Stefan Herodotou

Work in ED is demanding and rewarding

Stefan Herodotou is celebrating 40 years as an emergency physician at Northern Health, starting at the old Preston and Northcote Community Hospital (PANCH) in 1981.

‘I remember so vividly being interviewed for the job by Dr Peter Leslie, the then medical director, and my excitement a few days later when I was told that the job was mine – one that would give me an infinite number of rewarding moments.’

Dr Herodotou said the ED was a very demanding environment – busy and unpredictable.

‘There is never time to be bored in ED.

‘The intensity of the emotions can be enormous and fluctuate so rapidly.

‘Precisely that energy, emotion, teamwork, and the shared goal that we all have to save lives, are what drive my passion.

‘I have seen significant advances in my 40 years of practise.

‘Now, the work is much more structured, the training of the medical and nursing staff is much more advanced, as is the technology we use.

‘Also, our knowledge of emergency medicine has grown exponentially,’ Dr Herodotou said.

‘One would think that all these advances would make the work easier.

‘This is not entirely accurate, however.

‘I find that people’s general expectations of us have increased dramatically, which increases the pressure among the staff.

‘The average age of presentations to the ED has increased considerably.

‘Now that people are living much longer, their medical issues have become a lot more complex.

‘The investigation of all these complex medical issues is now much more sophisticated and much more expensive.’

‘Dr Herodotou has been one of the pillars of our hospital for decades, going quietly above and beyond his duty,’ said colleague of 37 years James Hayes.

‘Stefan’s kindness and dedication to his patients is well known throughout our hospital, working always with good humour and without complaint,’ Dr Hayes said.