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November 2021

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Deidre Rennick

Stroke excellence in the Wimmera

Wimmera Health Care Group has again proven its reputation for providing exceptional care – in particular to stroke patients – by winning a national excellence award for the second year running.

Wimmera Base Hospital is one of 13 hospitals across Australia to receive an Excellence Award in the 2021 Australian Stroke Coalition Quality Stroke Service Awards.

The awards, announced at the 30th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Stroke Society of Australasia, recognise the nation’s top hospitals in delivery of quality, evidence-based stroke treatment and care.

Excellence is measured by hospitals that achieve nine best-practice stroke treatment and care benchmarks, including treatment with thrombolysis (blood clot-dissolving treatment) within one hour of hospital arrival, the provision of stroke unit care and a care plan at the time of discharge.

WHCG stroke care co-ordinator Deidre Rennick said she was proud of the health service’s record with stroke patients.

‘Not only does WHCG have a dedicated stroke co-ordinator but we also have immediate access to the Victorian stroke telemedicine program which enables us to connect directly to a neurologist for advice on how to proceed with treatment,’ Ms Rennick said.

‘Small is better, in terms of the time to get someone from coming in the door to having their CT scan, to being able to know what type of stroke they’re having and what’s the most appropriate treatment for them.

‘Also, we can give them clot-busting medications here as well so we can get them in, diagnosed and treated very quickly and that’s where small sites have a big advantage over your big metro hospitals.

‘And time is brain – that’s the key.

‘The quicker you can get that blood supply restored, the better chance the person has for recovery.’

Ms Rennick said the recognition was also due to a great team working together including paramedics, nurses, doctors and the radiology department.