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December 2021

Stacy Hardy jpeg
Mercy Place Warrnambool’s Stacy Hardy

Libraries bring Book Week to aged care

Three of Mercy Health’s aged care homes celebrated Book Week with residents.

Mercy Place Rice Village in Geelong partnered with Geelong Library for an ongoing initiative.

The initiative saw library volunteers visit Rice Village to meet with residents and ask what types of books they liked to read.

Once they had the list of recommendations, the library began delivering books each month.

‘We are thrilled to have partnered with the Geelong Library which is going to keep new releases flowing through the home every month,’ said lifestyle co-ordinator at Mercy Place Rice Village Sharon Carrato.

‘It’s a great way to keep our residents up-to-date with the latest novels or fall back in love with the greatest classics.’

A similar initiative was taken up by Mercy Health Bethlehem Home for the Aged in Bendigo with the support of Bendigo Library.

‘Many of our residents are avid readers and we are thrilled to be able to bring the best from the local library into the home,’ said lifestyle co-ordinator Kylie Paxton.

Residents at Mercy Place Warrnambool celebrated Book Week with the home’s resident writer Stacy Hardy, who travelled around the home with a notepad and pen in hand to capture stories of residents.

‘I took up writing when I moved to Warrnambool – there is just so much to see and write about.

‘Once I started, I couldn’t stop,’ Mrs Hardy said.

‘Before I took up writing, I loved to paint.

‘Now, I find you can paint an even better picture just by using words.’

Mrs Hardy also loves to read novels herself and can be found regularly in the home’s library, finding inspiration for her own writing through the writing of others.