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December 2021

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MICA paramedics John Kelly and Julian Cofield, Matt Perry, Jon Symes and Amanda Krause.

Horsham workers save colleague’s life

When it comes to work colleagues, Horsham’s Jon Symes knows he has some of the best.

The 74-year-old was at work at hay exporter Johnson-Asahi last October when he suddenly collapsed at his desk.

Thankfully his colleague, export co-ordinator Amanda Krause, heard Mr Symes slump and suspected a cardiac arrest.

‘I immediately called for medical help and for someone to get the automatic external defibrillator (AED),’ Ms Krause said.

‘I removed Jon’s shirt and put the defib on and, at that point, it told us to shock him, which we did.

‘Then it analysed him again and told us to do CPR.’

Ms Krause and another co-worker kept Mr Symes’ heart beating until paramedics arrived.

Horsham paramedic Matt Perry said it was unlikely Mr Symes would have survived without the actions of his workmates.

‘By the time we got there, Jon had been revived and was starting to wake up,’ Mr Perry said.

‘He is very lucky.

‘To have had a cardiac arrest near an AED and that his colleagues knew to do CPR and use it, is why Jon is alive today.’

Only one in 10 people will survive a cardiac arrest.

When bystanders act to call Triple Zero (000), begin CPR and shock using an AED, the chances of survival increase by 72 per cent.

Mr Symes is now back at work and enjoying life to the fullest.

‘What they did was marvellous.

‘All these people did their bit and I’m very grateful.’