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December 2021

Anabela in PPE cleaning jpeg
Anabela Govinde Ramji.

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Northern Health support services co-ordinator Snezana Velevski, PSAs Adele Mavity, Zorka Stojanoska, Cindy Sherlock and support services quality co-ordinator Sarah Rexhepi.

Cleaners the COVID stars in hospitals

Anabela Govinde Ramji has been working as a cleaner at Monash Health for 15 years.

She does everything from cleaning to stocking shelves.

She said her team has really had to ramp up their efforts in the past two years since the COVID-19 pandemic started.

‘It’s really changed our lives – we have to keep on top of everything because safety is so important for both patients and staff,’ Mrs Govinde Ramji said.

‘Our workload has increased and we are trying to do our best.

‘I’m here to support Monash Health and make sure everything is thoroughly cleaned so no one gets sick.’

Mrs Govinde Ramji was one of the Monash Health and Northern Health patient services assistants (PSAs) recognised on Thank Your Cleaner Day.

Thank Your Cleaner Day is annually dedicated to cleaners to show they are valued and appreciated for keeping environments clean and hygienic.

It had special significance in 2021 because of the pandemic.

‘It is my privilege to do this job,’ Mrs Govinde Ramji said.

‘I have been here for so long – this is my home and family and I thank you for recognising the work we do.

‘Our managers always support us in every respect and our colleagues always work together as a team.

‘The admin staff and unit managers are also lovely and always support me.

‘I have learned so much since I’ve been here and I don’t think I’d fit in anywhere else.’

Northern Health PSA and cleaning service contracts operations manager Wendy Nicol said it had been a busy year for patient services assistants.

‘The PSA teams have all worked tirelessly to ensure the hospital stays clean and the patient experience is positive.

‘We want to show appreciation to the staff working in red zones, who never complain, spend all day in PPE and always come to work ready to assist.

‘There has been increased hours and tasks for those working in the COVID areas and they have stepped up without question,’ Ms Nicol said.

‘PSAs work as a team and always look out for their colleagues.’

Medical registrar Zena Barakat thanked PSA Craig Field and his team for an amazing job assisting on the COVID wards at Northern Hospital Epping.

‘Their empathy, witty banter, strong work ethic and endless supply of cold cordial has been much appreciated by the nurses and doctors on the COVID wards,’ Dr Barakat said.

‘A big thanks for everything you are doing.

‘You’re making a difficult situation more enjoyable for everyone.’

Bundoora Centre site director and director of nursing Kirralee Jensen and Broadmeadows Hospital site director and director of nursing Lucia Bento thanked PSAs at both services.