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ICD Coding Newsletters

Prior to the introduction of the VICC queries database, HDSS produced the ICD Coding Newsletter to support the coding function and provide education to Health Information Managers and Clinical Coders.  The Newsletter ceased production in December 2006.

The files in this archive are provided for historical purposes only.

First Quarter 2006-07 (PDF File 739KB)

June 2006 Special Edition (PDF File 825 KB)

Fourth Quarter 2005-06 (PDF File 696KB)

Third Quarter 2005-06 (PDF File 472KB)

Second Quarter 2005-06 (PDF File 319KB)

First Quarter 2005-06 (PDF File 321KB)

June 2005 Special Edition (PDF File 343 KB)

Fourth Quarter 2004-05 (PDF File 273 KB)

Third Quarter 2004-05 (PDF File 447KB)

Second Quarter 2004-05 (PDF File 390KB)

First Quarter 2004-05 (PDF File 536KB)

Victorian Additions to the Australian Coding Standards

  Victorian Additions to the Australian Coding Standards effective 1 July 2009 

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